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Warm-Blooded Animals Are Evolved Due To Pathogens—Study Reveals

According to anticipation-based study, warm-blooded animals evolved first and pathogens might be the key reason behind the evolutionary change.

Around 600 Million Years back, animals responded to the entrance of foreign particle in their bodies, such as an infectious microorganism, by the rise in body temperatures. This temperature regulation mechanism helps in optimization of the body’s immune system to tackle against such pathogenic organisms. However, in the case of cold-blooded animals—known as ectotherms—this thermoregulation feature is missing. Therefore, they have to find some warm habitat to achieve the optimum body temperature.

Based on the presumption set by a researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama (STRI), Michael Logan, infectious organisms might be the major cause revealing why the warm-blooded animals emerged first.

Logan stated that endotherms—warm-blooded animals—have been using high-energy consumption mechanism to maintain body temperature, while cold-blooded animals of the same size use almost 30 times less energy in thermoregulation. Therefore, if cold-blooded animals have been surviving with the energy-efficient method, then why did birds and mammals build up a different energy-consuming strategy?

Millions of years back, there were no vaccines or antibiotics that were delivered externally to animals. So, to maintain the body temperature throughout their life and to set their immune systems at the active state, endothermy was evolved primarily, according to Logan.

On a similar note, lifestyle adaptation is one of the key causes behind evolutionary changes. For instance, the ability of humans being to ingest dairy products is more prevalent in nature than earlier considered.

A review based on evolutionary changes has been published recently in the journal Nature Communications. Professor Andrew Whiten of the University of St Andrews reviewed the evolutionary effects on diverse species, specifically birds, primates, and cetaceans. He concluded that genetic evolution acquired by the organisms during their lives, but actual evolution generates through cultural habits and lifestyles.

Mary Brooks
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Mary Brooks has completed masters in medical biotechnology and was formerly associated with one of the reputed research labs in the country. She has experience of almost 5 Years in her past workplace where Mary used to do research on health-related microbes that impacts human health. She has been handling the health domain providing in detail coverage of various development and innovation in the healthcare industry. Presently, Mary looks after our health domain as her profound experience and interest provide her with the knowledge to pen down important health-related concepts. She also conducts interviews with some renowned medical professionals and spokesperson of organizations functioning in the industry.

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