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Oracle And Microsoft Shake Hands Over Cloud Services To Counter AWS

Microsoft and Oracle announced that they have affirmed on an agreement for their two cloud computing services to work with broadband connections between their data centers, targeting large users and becoming members of the web services of the leader in computing in a cloud against Amazon.

The two companies said the high-speed connection between their data centers would start with facilities in the eastern United States and would extend to other regions. They will also work jointly to enable regular users to connect to another company’s services with a username and get technical support from both.

This decision comes as Microsoft and Oracle urge large companies and government customers to transfer IT tasks that are currently being managed to their own datacenters to cloud providers.

“With Oracle’s experience, this alliance is obviously an advantage to us as we help our joint customers speed up the migration of business applications and databases to the public cloud,” said Scott Guthrie responsible for the cloud at Microsoft.

AWS, the largest provider of cloud computing, breaches many of these customers, comprising Oracle’s long-standing assets in the database market.

Microsoft had already signed an agreement with German software company SAP and Adobe to make its services work better together. Ed Anderson, a Gartner analyst, said the decision was made clear to AWS, especially Oracle. “It’s no hidden that Oracle sees AWS as a key opponent in the database market,” he said.

Anderson also stated that a number of outstanding contract-related issues remain, including whether customers would be subject to data transfer costs for transferring large amounts of information between services.

But overall, Anderson said the move would likely benefit companies by helping them present their ideas to large companies that already use their services.

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